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Cargo Ship - Maritime Accident Lawyer Richard SerpeNew York's maritime industry is a vital component of the state's economy. According to the New York Shipping Association, nearly half a million jobs (directly and indirectly) are generated through the operations of the Port of New York and New Jersey alone.

“The Port of New York and New Jersey supports businesses in one of the largest and wealthiest consumer markets in the world, and serves more than 35% of the entire population of our country. The New York Shipping Association commissioned this study to determine how this scale and scope supports the global shipping network, but seeing how every 1 job in our port creates almost 9 additional jobs in the region just emphasizes the industry’s impact on regional business and employment,” said John J. Nardi, President of the New York Shipping Association.

New York maritime employment includes marine terminals, shipyards, crane operatorsvessel operators, tugboats, towboats, barges, ferriescruise ships  and much more.

Commercial fishing  is also a significant part of New York's maritime industry. Major New York Commercial Fishing Ports include: Montauk, Shinnecock/Hampton Bays and Greenport.


New York Maritime Accidents and Injuries

Earning a living on, or near, the ocean is a dangerous business. Whether its caused by the sheer unpredictably of the ocean, faulty equipment,  negligent coworkers, etc., if you are injured you may want to contact an experienced Maritime and Jones Act attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Maritime Accident Lawyer Richard Serpe

Richard Serpe obtained an advanced degree in Maritime law from Tulane University (after law school). He has helped victims of Maritime accidents for over 29 years. If you would like to setup a free consultation (no obligation) to speak with Richard Serpe, contact us at 877-544-5323.

Notable ports in Texas include: Port of New York and New Jersey, Port of Albany-Rensselaer, Port of Jefferson, Buffalo, Town of Hempstead.

New York Maritime News & Info

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