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North Carolina's beautiful 300 mile coastline is a major resource to the state's economy. With so many beautiful beaches, vacationers usually flock to popular vacation spots such as the Outer Banks and Wrightsville Beach in the spring and summer months. Most enjoy swimming, boating, jet skiing, para sailing, fishing, and any other water related sports and activities.

The ports of North Carolina play an important role in the state's economic development. According to the Institute for Transportation Research and Education, North Carolina ports support more than 65,000 jobs directly and indirectly contributing close to $500 million in state and local tax revenues each year. Notable ports and services in North Carolina include: Port of Wilmington, Port of Moorehead City, Charlotte Inland Terminal, and Piedmont Triad Inland Terminal (PITT).


North Carolina Maritime Accidents and Injuries

With so many opportunities to work and vacation around the water, accidents are inevitable. Whether its caused by the sheer unpredictably of the ocean, faulty equipment, negligent coworkers, a drunk or inexperienced boat OR jet ski operator, if you are injured you may want to contact an experienced Maritime and Jones Act attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Types of accidents we handle: barge accidents, tugboat accidents, crane accidents, maritime collision accidents, commercial fishing accidents, wrongful death, faulty  or poorly maintained equipment related accidents, jet ski accidents, recreational boating accidents, boating accidents caused by drunk boat operators, cruise ship accidents, longshoreman injuries, and any other maritime related accident.

Maritime Accident Lawyer Richard Serpe

Richard Serpe obtained an advanced degree in Maritime law from Tulane University (after law school). He has helped victims of Maritime accidents for over 29 years. If you would like to setup a free consultation (no obligation) to speak with Richard Serpe, contact us at 877-544-5323.

North Carolina Maritime News & Info

  • Fatal OBX jet ski crash kills one, injures two

    One person is dead and two more are injured following a jet ski collision in the Outer Banks. The incident is still being investigated, but early reports indicate that two jet skis collided, injuring and killing passengers. The July 10, 2016 accident occurred around 2 p.m. near Sunset Watersports in Duck, North Carolina. The person Continue Reading →

  • El Faro Wrongful Death Lawsuits

    When the El Faro cargo ship disappeared amidst Hurricane Joaquin earlier this month, families held out hope that their loved ones would be found safe. Nearly a month later, however, none of the mariners aboard the ship have been found. Instead, wreckage and a body have been discovered. Tragically, it is likely that the entire crew Continue Reading →

  • Drunken Boating Can Easily Turn Deadly

    We all know how dangerous it is to drink and drive. Alcohol effects our reaction time, our depth perception, our balance and most critically, our judgment. All of these effects are multiplied when you drink in the hot sun on a boat. The motion of the water and relaxed atmosphere of the boat contribute to Continue Reading →

  • Marine Towing Industry Safety Report Reveals Dangers

    The Coast Guard has released a new safety report detailing incidents, fatalities and injuries occurring over the last ten years. The report summarizes a decade of deaths, workplace injuries and other incidents in the hopes of better understanding how and why these accidents occur. The most common incidents include allisions (the collision between a moving Continue Reading →

  • Cruise Passenger Protection Act Introduced by Congressmen

    Three members of Congress have introduced a new Cruise Passenger Protection Act (CPPA), seeking to build onto the previous Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act. That act, signed by President Obama in 2010, was just the first step in protecting American cruise passengers. The new Cruise Passenger Protection Act will expand on the safety and Continue Reading →