Texas Maritime Accidents – Jones Act & Maritime Lawyer Richard Serpe

The Texas maritime scene is vast, fierce, and beautiful. From major maritime operations to recreational activities you can enjoy on Texas's many lakes or beaches, being out on the water is a must for many. Unfortunately, being out on the water also poses many risks.

Earning a living on, or near, the ocean is a dangerous business. Workers face the sheer unpredictably of the ocean, faulty equipment, negligent coworkers, and a number of other dangers while on the job.

Those out on the water enjoying a good time boating, fishing, or water skiing, can be harmed by reckless boat operators. Failing to designate a sober or experienced boat operator, can land an innocent passenger in the hospital with serious and life threatening injuries.

The Texas Maritime Industry

Texas maritime ports handle more than 550 million tons of foreign and domestic cargo each year, representing 20% of all US port tonnage, according to the Texas Ports Association. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway extends 423 miles linking Texas' many ports. The Port of Houston is known as one of the busiest ports in the world by cargo volume.

Texas Ports generate 112,100 jobs directly related to marine cargo activities. Texas maritime employment includes offshore oil rigsshipyards, marine terminals, vessel operators, bulk cargo, tugboats, towboats, barges, and much more-- the maritime industry is a vital component of the state economy.

Commercial fishing  is also a significant part of Texas' maritime industry. Shrimping is the most important fishing industry in Texas.

Texas had the 3rd largest economic impact in the United States for the cruise industry in 2013, according to reports. The Port of Galveston is one of the most notable cruise ship ports in Texas.

Maritime Accident Lawyer Richard Serpe

Maritime accidents are governed under a distinct set of laws, and not just any attorney can handle Jones Act and maritime cases. Jones Act & Maritime Lawyer Richard Serpe is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas.  Richard Serpe obtained a Masters degree in Maritime law  from Tulane University after law school. He has helped victims of Maritime accidents for over 29 years. If you would like to setup a free consultation (no obligation) to speak with Richard Serpe, contact us at 877-544-5323.

Texas Maritime News & Info

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Notable ports in Texas include: Port of Houston, Port of Corpus Christi, Port of Victoria, Port of Beaumont, Port of Brownsville, Port Freeport, Port of Orange, Port of Palacios, Calhoun Port Authority, Port Arthur, Port Isabel, Port of Port Mansfield, Port of Galveston, Port of Texas City.

Notable lakes and beaches: