Brevard County, Florida Ranked Dangerous for Boating

A new study has ranked Brevard County as one of the top ten most dangerous counties for boating in Florida. The study, conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, ranked Miami Dade County at number one. Brevard County came in ninth. With 2 fatalities and 12 injuries, the county has actually improved slightly from the previous year. Brevard had one accident for every 1,751 boats on the water and $247,700 in damages.

Tragically, the leading cause of death in Florida boating accidents is drowning. There were 73 total fatalities associated with boating accidents last year statewide. Males were more likely to be involved in such accidents, with only 14 percent of victims being female. More than half of the boats involved in accidents were operated by boaters over the age of 51. Nearly one third of the boating fatalities were falls overboard. Unsurprisingly, 12 percent of accidents involved alcohol in some way. Not so surprising is the fact that the deadliest month was July. With more people out enjoying the summer weather, there’s a greater risk for accidents to occur.

Experts remind boaters that most boating accidents can be avoided if they wear life jackets, keep a proper lookout and maintain their vessel. Avoid alcohol consumption while on board, as steering a boat requires as much of a steady hand and fast reaction time as a car does. By maintaining safety standards as strictly as we do with our automobiles, we can ensure injury and fatality free boating experiences for our friends and families.

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