Cruise Passenger Protection Act Introduced by Congressmen

Cruise ship accident lawyerThree members of Congress have introduced a new Cruise Passenger Protection Act (CPPA), seeking to build onto the previous Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act. That act, signed by President Obama in 2010, was just the first step in protecting American cruise passengers. The new Cruise Passenger Protection Act will expand on the safety and security requirements on board cruise ships.

This act would request a wide variety of additional safety measures required for cruise ships. Cruise vessels would be required to contact the FBI within four hours of an incident, and notify them if an accident occurs while in port in the United States. The CPPA would also require cruise lines to install video cameras in hallways and common areas. Such footage would then be made available to citizens for civil action purposes. Additional changes requested by the CPPA include a change of website management from the Coast Guard to the Department of Transportation. This change would allow for more transparency regarding cruise accident reports and statistics.

New technology and standards are also a big part of the proposed changes. The CPPA would require ships to use technology to capture photos and detect whether or not a person has fallen overboard. Additionally, the act advocates for the presence of a victim support services staff member on board each vessel should their services be required.

These proposals go a long way in increasing the safety standards on board cruise ships. A similar act has also been introduced in the Senate. With any luck, these proposed changes will be instituted quickly and better protect those who travel aboard cruise ships.

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