Drunken Boater Injures 3 in Alabama

As the weather heats up, more and more people are taking to the water to bask in the sun. Too often, though, this celebration of spring turns into out of control partying with real consequences for those involved. Some may drive home from the beach still drunk while others – like this Alabama man – may even run their boat ashore while drunk.

The man was arrested while three others were sent to the hospital with injuries following the dangerous drunken boating crash in Alabama. The collision occurred when the boat ran ashore in Orange Beach, Alabama. Two people on board the boat as well as one person on land were injured in the accident. What’s not immediately clear is who was steering the boat at the time of the crash, as all three men on board are pointing fingers at one another. The owner of the boat has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. Reports say that alcohol is believed to have been a factor in this incident.

With recreational boating season just getting underway, there is greater potential for incidents like this occurring. Drunken boating is incredibly dangerous, with alcohol use being the number one contributing factor to fatal boating accidents. Even if you escape a crash like this one, you could face expensive fines, loss of your boating license, arrest and even jail time. Though it is tempting to reach for a cold one while out on your boat this spring, the risks are just not worth it.

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