El Faro Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When the El Faro cargo ship disappeared amidst Hurricane Joaquin earlier this month, families held out hope that their loved ones would be found safe. Nearly a month later, however, none of the mariners aboard the ship have been found. Instead, wreckage and a body have been discovered. Tragically, it is likely that the entire crew went down with the ship.

Understandably, the families of the crew are heart-broken and grieving over the loss of their loved ones. They’re likely struggling to understand how a company as seasoned as TOTE could allow their employees to risk their lives in such a hurricane. TOTE has reportedly not responded to requests about the insurance they had on the El Faro. Though the company plans to create a relief fund for the victim’s families, more needs to be done to get justice for these mariners.

Two families of El Faro crew members have since filed wrongful lawsuits against TOTE. The suits allege that the company was negligent in its decision to allow the ship to sail into the heart of a hurricane.

No amount of money can make up for the loss of loved ones, but the reality is that many of the crew are survived by spouses and children. These families have already lost so much – the least TOTE can do is make sure they are well taken care of. Some of these crew members had worked for the company for more than a decade, and their commitment to their jobs  – should be acknowledged.

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