Fatal Baytown Texas Boat Accident

As summer comes to a close, the boating accident rate slowly begins decreasing. Children are back in school, parents have used up their own vacation days, and the weather begins to turn chilly. Indeed, most leisure boaters will hang up their life jackets for the year this month. Unfortunately, however, there are always risk of accidents when boats are involved. Many hoping to get in one last sunny day on the sea find themselves more relaxed and less cautious with fewer boats on the horizon. That lowered sense of vigilance is bound to get boaters into dangerous accidents.

One such accident occurred recently near Baytown, Texas. One person was killed and two more were injured in a boating accident at a spot known as Devil’s Elbow. Investigators are still looking into exactly how this incident happened. All that’s currently known is that a person on one of the boats called for the Coast Guard around 2 p.m. to report that two boats had an accident and that seven people were in need of rescue.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan arrived on the scene and was able to assist four of passengers before the Coast Guard arrived. A sherrif’s boat had rescued two others. Tragically, one person was killed in the accident. Two of the people rescuing are now recovering from injuries sustained in the wreck.

Not much else is known about the incident. As investigators continue to look into this accident, we’ll be able to better understand how this tragedy occurred. Our hearts go out to the family of the victims. They surely have many questions during this difficult time.

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