Gulf Drillship Accident Death

Death of Drillship Worker in the Gulf Launches Investigation

Federal officials have begun investigating the death of a drillship worker in the Gulf of Mexico. The man was reportedly fatally injured at a job site 200 miles south of the Louisiana coast. The Pacific San Andrea drillship, part of the Houston-based Pacific Drilling Company, had just begun operations for Chevron in 4,800 feet of water. The crew had not yet penetrated the ocean floor when the accident occurred. Work on the rig has since been shut down.

Just what happened to cause this man’s death? Not much is known. Reports indicate that no other workers were injured and there was no environmental impact from the accident. Though Pacific Drilling has made statements expressing their sympathy to the victim’s family and friends, few details about the actual incident have been given. The Coast Guard and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement have begun investigating the accident.

The family of this victim undoubtedly have many questions during this difficult time. We can only hope that the investigators will be able to provide answers to his loved ones. Drillships like the Pacific San Andrea are notoriously dangerous to work upon. Outboard walkways that stretch over the open sea mean certain death for men who fall in after nightfall. Gas well flare tests can quickly become out of control. There are inherent risks associated with this line of work. Still, no worker should be expected to sacrifice himself in the name of the job. Our thoughts go out to the family, friends and co-workers of the victim.

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