Hudson River Tugboat Barge Accident

Two men are dead and a third is missing, also presumed to be dead, after a tugboat crash on the Hudson River in New York. Severe damage to the sunken tugboat is making the search for the missing victim difficult for divers, recent reports indicate. This also makes the incident harder to investigate. Officials say they still aren’t sure what caused the tugboat to crash into a barge, but believe a strong current is likely to blame. Divers have been searching for the missing victim, but an aerial and river search will continue in the off chance the man was ejected in the accident.

This accident is such a tragedy for all those involved. We send our thoughts out to the families of the victims during what is surely a difficult time.

Officials say there is not yet a plan in place to salvage the wreckage below. When a plan is decided upon, the salvage company will need to work with the US Coast guard to get proceed. There’s a chance, sources say, that the missing victim may be trapped inside the vessel. Recovering the tugboat would answer a lot of questions and provide closure for the family of the missing victim.

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