Injuries Caused by Slips, Falls Common in Maritime Industry

When slip, trip, and fall accidents occur at work the ramifications can be serious. In fact, slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of injuries in the maritime industry. The trend is on the rise, too, which could mean increased danger for maritime workers.

Many maritime workplaces are perpetually wet, slick and hazardous. Being exposed to these elements means that many vessels must endure all kinds of weather conditions. An emphasis on speed can also cause workers to become negligent with their safety. When a job is nearing its deadline, something has got to give. Too often, that thing is safety.

Not surprisingly, many slips or falls occur when workers are tired, stressed, sick or distracted. They may rush through a job, taking less care to watch out for potential accidents. That’s why some maritime industry experts are advocating for increased participation in workplace health and wellness programs. Such programs can help employees better control their diet, exercise and sleeping habits. This ensures a healthier, more alert crew – and fewer careless accidents.

Besides health and wellness programs, maritime industry experts recommend anti-slip surfaces, contrasting colors, fall protection and training to ensure a good, working knowledge of how important safety is. also advocates for the use of a Crew Endurance Measurement system, or CEM.

Maritime Accident Lawyer

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