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Florida salvagers are hard at work bringing up the remnants of a sunken barge. The barge sank in the Fort Pierce Inlet in February as it was being brought in for repair work. One man was killed in the sinking. Investigators are still determining exactly how this accident might have happened, but in the meantime, workers are using cranes to extract the pieces of barge from the inlet floor. News reports indicate that the salvagers will use a ram to break up the remaining pieces before bringing them up.

Earlier reports showed that the sinking likely occurred because the barge’s pumps stopped working while the tide was going out. The vessel took on too much water, and without a way to pump it out, the barge sank. Three people and a dog were on the barge at the time of the accident, but one man died in the sinking. One of the survivors told reporters “all of the sudden the vessel broke in half and when it did, the house, the whole top cabin rotated and he got sucked down inside the boat inside the big hull of the barge.” Coast Guard rescuers managed to save two people and the dog.

Though this barge was on its way to be repaired, more caution needed to be taken given the state of the vessel. A maritime worker died in a terribly tragic, unnecessary accident. His employers will likely have much to answer for as the investigation continues. Perhaps the barge company will update their policies and procedures involving vessel repair – we can only hope that further accidents will be avoided.

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