$3.5 Million for Maritime Accident Client

$3.5 Million for Maritime Accident Client

Eddie was taken via ambulance to the Medical College of Virginia for an emergency craniotomy and was diagnosed with a fractured wrist, comminuted skull fracture, and intraparenchymal hemorrhage (bleeding in his brain.) Due to Eddie’s traumatic bra...

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Richard Serpe has a Master of Laws in Maritime & Admiralty Law

Jones Act maritime lawyer Richard SerpeRichard Serpe has 34+ years of experience in protecting the rights of injured seamen.

He has successfully prosecuted cases under the Jones Act, bringing fair and just compensation to those who were injured while performing their duties. He has also settled fatal maritime cases that resulted in the death of a loved one.

Richard Serpe knows how the insurers or commercial vessels will do everything they can to minimize their financial liability. And, they will do so even if it is at the expense of decent medical care for the injured.

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Maritime Injury Laws & Compensation

Maritime injuries to “seamen” are governed by federal law. Because injuries that occur on land are governed by state law, most general personal injury lawyers will not know how to handle a maritime claim.

A “seaman” is generally defined as anyone performing work related to a vessel’s purpose while operating in navigable waters. They must also spend a significant amount of their time on the vessel.

Maritime law (or admiralty law) is a specific set of laws that provide maritime workers the right to recover compensation if they are injured while performing their duties.

There are several foundations for recovering compensation:
  • Maintenance and Cure: You are entitled to maintenance (daily living expenses) and cure (medical expenses) benefits regardless of negligence. This is typically provided until you have reached maximum medical improvement.
  • The Jones Act: Allows you to file a lawsuit if negligence caused your injuries.
  • The Doctrine of Unseaworthiness: The vessel, or the vessel’s crew, was not seaworthy which caused your injury
  • Death on the High Seas Act (DOSHA): Allows certain family members to file a claim if their loved one was killed while at sea due to negligence.

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Second Man Killed in Mooring Line Accident


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Maritime Worker Killed by Mooring Line

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