10 People Thrown from Boat Driven by Drunk Boater

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10 people are lucky to be alive after a boating accident on Lake Gage in Indiana. The accident occurred just after 7 PM the night of July 15, 2017. Police received a call indicating that a drunken boater had lost control of his vessel. 10 people were thrown from the boat, including the driver. With injured victims still in the water and a speeding boat still unmanned on the busy lake, police headed to the water.

Once there, emergency personnel were able to rescue the victims in the water. Two of the ten were seriously injured, with skull fractures and lower arm amputations. They were treated on board the vessels of Good Samaritans before being taken to the hospital. The eight others thrown overboard were also treated and hospitalized for less serious injuries.

Meanwhile, back at the lake, a mission to stop the escaped vessel was on. A Conservation Officer launched a boat and managed to throw a rope and entangle the escaped vessel’s propeller. It struck a dock and then struck the boat that the Conservation Officer was driving.

Eventually, the rope slowed the escaped boat and the officer was able to jump on board while his boat was in motion right next to it. He took control and stopped the escaped vessel.

This man is truly a hero! We commend him for his bravery and quick thinking. We also send our best wishes to the victims still healing in the hospital. The person drunkenly driving the boat has been arrested on charges of boating while intoxicated causing injury and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

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