Cargo Ship - Maritime Accident Lawyer Richard SerpeCargo ships are some of the largest vessels that sail the sea. According to the US Department of Transportation, in 2012 cargo ships departing from and arriving in US ports carried an estimated 975 million tons of cargo, worth about $339 billion. With such a large industry, many workers are needed to handle the trade of all these goods. However, with large numbers of workers, the potential for serious injury increases.

One of the most common types of cargo ship is the container ship. Container ships allow companies to tightly pack their goods for transit using large storage containers, in an attempt to maximize available space and to protect the cargo. Large machines and cranes are required to lift the containers on and off the vessel transporting them. Other common types of cargo ships include tankers and dry-bulk carriers.

Fatal & Serious Injuries

Working around and with large heavy objects and machinery aboard these cargo ships is dangerous, and accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries. Such injuries include: traumatic brain damage, paraplegia and quadriplegia, amputation, crushing, broken bones, lacerations, drowning or a wrongful death.

Injuries Due to Negligence

When crewmen and port workers are injured, they are often covered under the Jones Act, which allows maritime workers to recover damages for accidents that result in injury. However, claims under the Jones Act are not as simple as normal workers’ comp or personal injury claims. Those injured need to prove that their employer, the ship captain, or another crew member was negligent, or that the ship was unfit and improperly maintained. For cases involving liability, a proper investigation must be done in order to ensure that the injured party receives just compensation.

Jones Act & Maritime Lawyer – Richard Serpe

If you are an injured in or around the water, you need protect yourself and your family by talking to an experienced maritime lawyerRichard Serpe knows what it takes to win these often difficult cases. He gained a Masters Degree in maritime law from Tulane University School of law after graduating law school. He has also been awarded the rank of Proctor (the highest rank available) from the Maritime Law Association of the United States. He has dedicated himself to helping those suffering from injuries. If you have been injured, contact our office today for expert handling of your case.