Without cranes to do the heavy lifting, the maritime shipping industry would most likely cease to exist. While these large machines are absolutely necessary for the heavy lifting that the shipping industry entails, they are still dangerous, even deadly. Cranes are made even more dangerous when proper safety measures, maintenance issues, and caution are ignored.

How Crane Accidents Happen

There are numerous ways in which one can be injured in and around cranes. Malfunction or failure of hardware such as booms, cables, winches, rigging, and electrical equipment can cause the crane to act unpredictably, and bystanders could be hit with the boom, the load, or falling items. Incorrect assembly or disassembly of cranes can also cause accidents. Improper training, supervision, and communication can also lead to disaster. If equipment is not properly maintained, rusting and breakages could cause injury as well. Cranes can also hit items on the deck, and these heavy cargo items can crush people or cause hazardous spills.

Common crane accident injuries:

  • Drowning: If a crane knocks an individual overboard, the results can be deadly. Improper communication or operation of the crane would be the most likely cause. The US Coast Guard reports that from 2000 to 2012, 50% of fatalities on towing vessels or barges were due to falling overboard. It is often very difficult to rescue an individual once they’ve fallen overboard.
  • Brain Injury: With the heavy loads that these cranes carry, it’s not surprising that brain injuries are a possible injury. There are also multiple opportunities for load drop accidents to occur, from snapping ropes and wires and faulty machinery, to improper lifting and transporting techniques and ignored weight constraints.
  • Loss or damage of limb and body: Again, the heavy cargos lifted and transported by cranes put everyone around them at risk. Becoming pinned beneath a load and the deck can cause significant damage to the body, even loss of limbs. Snapping wires and ropes themselves can slice through the body, causing devastating injuries.
  • Wrongful Death

Did someone else’s negligence cause your injuries?

While the causes and types of injuries from cranes differ, one thing remains the same: if you are injured because of the negligent operation or maintenance of a crane, you deserve compensation. Past and future lost wages, medical expenses, care, reduced ability to work, disability, and pain and suffering can be ruinous to a seaman and his family. However, without the right advice and help, regaining what you deserve can be near impossible.

Do You Need A Maritime Lawyer for Your Accident?

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