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A crew member of a New York tugboat is recovering from losing his arm. That’s the news out of New York City, where the tugboat Mister T  was helping to move another vessel. First responders say they received a call around 9:00 PM the night of April 13, 2017. A 27-year-old crew member was adjusting a line when his arm was caught. When the tugboat moved, his arm was severed.

Harbor Unit officers responded to the call and applied a tourniquet to the man to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the arm fell into the water during the accident and could not be recovered. The injured  crew member is recovering in the hospital.

Line handling accidents like this one account for many serious injuries each year. In fact, they’re the second leading cause of significant injuries in the towing industry. Only falls account for more serious accidents and injuries.

Crew aboard a tugboat face a number of work hazards. Heavy equipment, slippery decks and constantly changing weather conditions can spell disaster for even the most careful of crew members. The workers must place a tremendous amount of trust in their employers that a safe work environment will be provided. Though common sense is required of such crew members, employers hold a big responsibility in fostering a safe place to work.

No one should risk their health in order to earn a living and provide for their families. We send our best wishes out to the injured crew member as he recovers.

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