River Tour Boat Crashes in Arizona, Injuring Passengers

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Multiple people were injured last week when a tour boat and pontoon boat collided on the Colorado river in Arizona. Witnesses say the pontoon boat, carrying three people, t-boned the side of the tour boat, which carried more than 30 passengers on board.

A woman on board the pontoon boat was struck in the head in the midst of the collision. First responders found her breathing very shallowly and was both unconscious and unresponsive. She is said to have suffered a serious head injury. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment, but no updates have been given about her condition. She was eventually flown to a Las Vegas hospital for further treatment.

Others on board the tour boat were also injured, but no official count of just how many people were harmed in the incident has been given. We send our best wishes out to all those injured in the crash.

When folks go on tour boats like the one in this collision, they don’t expect to put their lives at risk. Though some companies have tourists sign waivers explaining the risks of boarding such a boat, few people read through such forms and even fewer understand fully what they are agreeing to.

While it’s fun to take risks and enjoy tour boats like the one in this accident, there is always some danger in boating. If you and your loved ones board a boat for a tour, it’s important to wear a life jacket and to pay attention to all safety warnings given.

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