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Slips and falls happen. But one accident in Chesapeake landed a maritime worker in the hospital.

A shipyard worker had to be rescued after a fall in Chesapeake last week. Reports say that the Chesapeake Fire Department was on site at the Elizabeth River Terminals February 15, 2017. They received a call about an employee there who had taken a spill and injured their leg. They discovered the worker had been 60 feet down from the top of the ship’s deck when he slipped and hurt himself.

A rescue basket had to be attached to a crane to rescue the injured man. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. No updates have been given on his condition.

We send best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to the victim. The days following an accident like this can be troubling to say the least. The victim may want to consider reach out to an experienced Virginia maritime lawyer.

Maritime workers face danger in the workplace on a near daily basis. If safety is not the first priority of the company, their employees could be seriously injured – or even killed. Because of the complicated mechanics of the average shipyard, there are untold dangers beyond the typical workplace safety hazards. A slippery, wet floor in a hotel might be dangerous for employees who might slip and fall, but a slippery floor at a shipyard could result in a fatality. That’s why OSHA keeps such a close eye on terminals and their employees.

Though there hasn’t been an official update on the injured worker’s condition, there’s a good chance this man will be unable to head back to work immediately. Following a workplace accident like this one, the victim shouldn’t be responsible for the lost income he’ll miss out on – especially if the accident was caused by the negligence of his employer.

Following a workplace accident like this one, there’s bound to be dozens of questions for the worker and their family. That’s when a Virginia maritime accident lawyer can come in.

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